I often think of the Love that exists between a Mother and their Children. Many of us have been blessed to have this experience. Though this site is primarily about the struggles of a young Child and their personal challenges of dealing with on a daily basis a disease they did not ask for. One of the aspects so often overlooked is the challenges of Family and the every moment burden of anguish a Mother endures in the love of their Child. Adelle is such a Mother. The daily things she must endure in her desires for the best of health for her daughter Jade is not one readily understood for many of us. Mothers who have faced such circumstances, i am sure do understand. There are challenges with services she is always seeking to perhaps provide some semblance of comfort for her beloved daughter. There are challenges in finance to pay for the many procedures and "Co-Pays" the Medical Service Industry requires to provide the optimum care. And though she is limited in her own resources being Disabled and on a Fixed and Limited Income, she continually finds a way.

Yes we all know that life it's self is full of challenges for us all, but with Mother's Day here, i just wanted to take the time to acknowledge a Great Mother who through Disabilities of her own has faced the Challenge every day in Love and Compassion, not only for Her Daughter, Jade, but for her two Sons as well. Adelle you greatly contribute to the Light of the World and we are Thankful.

Happy Mothers Day
May you find Peace

Your Friend